861.00 Supreme Soviet/31: Telegram

The Chargé in the Soviet Union (Thurston) to the Secretary of State

343. At the joint session of the Supreme Soviet yesterday the Commissar for Finance Zverev42 introduced the consolidated state budget for 1940 the principal items of which are as follows in millions of rubles.

Revenue: (1) Turn over tax 108,349. (2) Deductions from profits 22,368. (3) Direct taxes and collections from population 9,704. (4) State loans 11,171. (5) Other revenues 30,994. Total revenues 182,586.

Expenditures: (1) Financing of national economy 57,118. (2) Social and cultural measures 42,875. (3) People’s Commissariats for Defense and Navy 57,067. (4) Commissariat for Internal Affairs administrative judiciary organs 14,206. (5) Other expenditures 8446. Total expenditures 179,711.

Discussion of the budget will be continued by the two Houses sitting separately today.

  1. Arseny Grigoryevich Zverev.