345.1121 Benz, Heinrich/1: Telegram

The Consul at Calcutta (Groth) to the Secretary of State

This Consulate General is informed by the Government of India that it considers that Heinrich Benz, a naturalized American citizen of German origin registered as an American citizen at the American Consulate at Bombay, has been engaged in anti-British activities and his arrest ordered.

The American Consul at Bombay1 states that Benz arrested same day and that his business in Bombay is in hands of custodian of enemy firms. Two-thirds of firm in question owned by two German brothers of Benz who were interned outbreak of hostilities.

Donovan strongly of the opinion that suspicions of the Government of India are groundless and are due to the fact that Benz is a naturalized American citizen of German origin.

Could the Department cite precedents which might be conveyed to the Government of India with a view to effecting Benz’ release and possible deportation.

  1. Howard Donovan.