Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Henry S. Villard of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs

I telephoned to Mr. Singer the substance of the attached telegram from London, no. 3053 of September 10,72 in regard to the results of the Embassy’s renewed representations in behalf of Rockwood and Company. I added that in my opinion the Department had now done about all that it could do to obtain a direct share in the West African cocoa quotas for American interests, and that pending the outcome of the war no useful purpose would be served by continuing to press the point with the British authorities.

Mr. Singer replied that he thoroughly agreed with this viewpoint and that he did not wish to badger the British any more than was necessary at this critical time. He wished to point out, however, that Rockwood and Company had not abandoned the idea of direct participation in the West African market. I said that it seemed to me the British authorities were under no misapprehension in this regard and that the record indicated that they would be prepared for a revival of Rockwood and Company’s interest after the termination of the war.

Mr. Singer said that for the duration of hostilities, therefore, he would not ask us to renew our representations. He expressed great appreciation for the Department’s efforts and said that the excellent relations now enjoyed by Rockwood with the British authorities is principally due to the attempts of the Department to obtain favorable treatment for the company.

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