611.48N16/93: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

248. Department’s 150, January 24. Embassy has continued to press strongly with both Foreign Office and Colonial Office for reconsideration of position taken by British authorities regarding American participation and has repeatedly urged the considerations in the Embassy’s telegrams 2379, November 16 and 2623, December 14.

Final reply not yet received but British Colonial Office hold out little hope of any relaxation of existing regulations to permit direct American participation at least during current season. This attitude continues to be based chiefly on the ground that restriction of quotas to established firms is considered essential to efficient functioning of control scheme and that Rockwood’s plans have not matured sufficiently to entitle that company to participate on this basis.

In connection with the foregoing the Foreign Office official who is responsible for contact with the Colonial Office in matters of this kind told me this afternoon that his private opinion based upon various things that have been said at inter-departmental committee meetings is that the cocoa control scheme has grown out of bounds; the officials administering it are worried that it is not going to work, that it has been over-expanded and that they are going to have on their hands a much larger amount of cocoa than they can get rid of. The Foreign Office official said that if his judgment of the situation is correct anyone outside the control scheme may later have reason to be glad.