Mr. Donald Richberg to the Chief of the Division of the American Republics ( Duggan )

Dear Mr. Duggan: After our conversation Tuesday Mr. Bursley stated that you would like very much to have a copy of the Memorandum35 to which I referred, which was prepared during the recent conferences with President Cárdenas.

We have been very careful to keep this material confidential, because of the possibility that it might be published, which would embarrass the negotiations, and particularly because it might be publicized as a proposition from one party to another, or as a practical agreement, when, in fact, all concerned have reserved judgment and avoided any definite commitment; although the document expresses [Page 675] many propositions as to which there is apparently substantial agreement.

As I stated to you, if both sides can avoid insistence on troublesome modifications of language, or any radical change in the underlying ideas, the basis for detailed negotiations may be quickly found. I am fearful that delay and further discussions will simply provide an opportunity for obstructionists to increase the obstacles to agreement.

In view of the fact that the Under Secretary may have a conference on this matter tomorrow, I thought he should have an opportunity to familiarize himself with this Memorandum; although he may or may not think it advisable to give evidence of having such knowledge.

Sincerely yours,

Donald Richberg
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