740.00111 A.R./415: Telegram

The American Delegate (Welles) to the Secretary of State

36. For the President and Secretary. I am deeply gratified to be enabled to report that a final agreement was reached today by the meeting upon all of the remaining proposals submitted. From the commencement of the discussions there has been complete harmony and an exact identity of criterion on the part of all of the delegations.

The four points contained in the declaration providing for the restricted zone around the American Republics were agreed upon in precisely the form approved by the Department. No suggestion was [Page 34] made by the Argentine delegation or any other delegation for a change in the extent of the zone.

The delegations of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru have indicated their desire to purchase the German merchant ships which have taken refuge in their respective ports. I believe of course that it would be exceedingly necessary that steps on this character be taken promptly in order to eliminate the danger of a large number of German merchant vessels undertaking inter-American maritime service.

A general agreement on the norms of neutrality measures was likewise reached in what in my judgment constitutes an exceedingly desirable form. A considerable number of other declarations and resolutions were adopted none of them, however, of any peculiar significance other than one providing for the establishment of inter-American police contacts so as to guard against the danger of agents of the belligerents undertaking concerted subversive activities in the territory of any American republic.

Full texts of all of the declarations and resolutions adopted will be sent to the Department by air mail.