822.154/73: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Ecuador (Long)

19. Department’s instruction no. 96 of March 23, 1939.5 The President has approved the designation of Harry P. Hart, an Associate Structural Engineer of the Bureau of Public Roads, to proceed to Ecuador for a period of approximately 1 year.6 Please inform the Ecuadoran Government, adding that the President has likewise accepted the suggestion that this Government be reimbursed by Ecuador for the cost of Hart’s transportation and other expenses between the United States and Quito and return, an allowance in Ecuador at the rate of 150 dollars per month, and his expenses in traveling within Ecuador. (For your information: these amounts are payable to the United States Government as such and not to Hart, who will be paid by the United States Government).

Hart is at present in California and is being instructed to proceed as soon as possible. You will be informed later as to the date of his arrival.

  1. Not printed.
  2. This assignment was in response to a request from the Ecuadoran Government for the services of a highway engineer to assist in formulating and carrying out plans for highway development.