611.2531/579c: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Chile (Bowers)

164. Department’s instruction no. 48, November 29, 1939. The following Schedule I requests were handed the Chilean Embassy today:

Reductions: 47, softwood lumber, rough or sawn, to 35.00 c. m.; ex 607, men’s felt hats valued at more than 24 dollars per dozen, to 10.00 each; 1072, lubricating oil, to .20 g. k.; 1275, razor blades, to .25 per dozen; ex 1415, storage batteries and parts, .40 net k.; ex 1473, metal stampings and shapes for the manufacture of bus bodies, covered with anti-rust protecting coat only, to .30 g. k.; 1480, tractors, to .30 g. k. eliminating 10 percent surtax; ex 1487, pneumatic tires, casings and tubes, to 2.00 g. k. eliminating 10 percent surtax; 1492, automobile parts, n. e. m., to 1.32 g. k. eliminating 10 percent surtax; 1609, fiber board, to .25 g. k.; 1856, adding and calculating machines and parts, to 3.00 legal k.; 1857, typewriters and parts, n. e. m., to 3.00 legal k.

Bindings: 43–I, fuel oil, 15.75 m. t.; 138, fresh fruit, except grapes, free; ex 172, raw cotton, under one and one-eighth inches, .02 g. k.; 271, cotton yarn, .037 g. k.; 289, silk and rayon yarn for sewing, embroidering, etc., 5.00 l. k.; 326, osnaburgs, .75 n. k.; 1085, rosin, 1.50 g. q.; 1193, iron or steel sheets not coated or galvanized, .075 g. k.; [Page 429] 1197, tinplate, .075 g. k.; 1246, lavatories, water flushers and pans, cast iron, for water closets, .35 g. k.; 1343, mining machinery, n. e. m., .18 g. k.; 1344, mining apparatus, n. e. m., .25 g. k.; 1345, parts, n. e. m., for mining machinery and apparatus, .45 g. k.; 1347, agricultural machinery, n. e. m., .18 g. k.; 1351, parts for agricultural machinery, .45 g. k.; 1388, conveyor belting, .20 g. k.; 1396, parts for motors, turbines, etc., .45 g. k.; 1410, electrical apparatus, n. e. m., .25 g. k.; ex 1415, electric batteries and parts, .35 g. k.; ex 1487, tires for tractors and agricultural machinery, 1.00 g. k.; 1562, refractory brick, 3.80 g. q.; 1824, motion picture films, exposed, 25.00 l. k.

The above requests appear to cover about 39.3 percent of Chilean imports from the United States in 1938, bindings representing about 30.8 and reductions about 8.5 percent.

You should transmit the foregoing information at once to the appropriate officials, pointing out the need for expeditious consideration.

It is expected to send you detailed information on Schedule I by the next air pouch.