611.2531/579a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Chile (Bowers)

162. With reference to the Department’s instruction no. 48 of November 29, in which it was stated that we feel it essential to conclude the trade agreement by January 1, you should express to Señor Wachholtz the exceeding regret of the Department that circumstances have indicated the importance of making every effort to move up the schedule of procedure as compared with the indications in the Department’s telegram no. 140 of October 14.32 The Department is gratified to learn of Señor Wachholtz’ continued interest in the possibility of visiting this country and hopes sincerely that the unforeseeable change in conditions which has counseled especially rapid action in the trade agreement negotiations will not prejudice the plans he may have made in this respect. This Government would be very pleased to have Señor Wachholtz come to the United States for conclusion of the agreement if he should find it practicable to do so.

Our definitive proposals on the schedules should be in the hands of the Chilean Embassy by December 9 and will also be telegraphed to you by that date, in accordance with instruction no. 48. The proposals on the general provisions have been in the hands of the Chileans for some time. Every effort has been made to grant the fullest concessions possible in order to facilitate the Chilean action upon which the negotiations will then be dependent.

The situation with respect to the possibility of further financial assistance to Chile remains the same as stated under point (2) of the Department’s telegram no. 140 of October 14, and it likewise continues to be undesirable that there be any publicity which might prejudice congressional action on the program of financial cooperation.

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