611.2531/371: Telegram

The Chargé in Chile ( Frost ) to the Secretary of State

168. Department’s telegram No. 129. Announcement at Panama City and Washington was reserved for Department and Under Secretary Welles. Announcement here in this morning’s local press is relatively brief, inconspicuous and discreet and does not refer in any way to shipping conference problem. It does not mention list of articles for tariff concessions or imply any commitment by the United States either specifically or generally, merely indicating that Chile’s sales in the United States of products formerly sent to Europe should be increased and hinting that intention to negotiate shows good relations between the United States and Chilean Government.

Ortega has gone to the country for the week end and could not recall release to press here already used as outlined above. I am asking American and other news agencies at Santiago not to use story but to have their office at Washington and Panama consult with the Department and delegation regarding it.