740.00111 A.R./129: Telegram

The Ambassador in Panama (Dawson) to the Secretary of State

104. The Minister for Foreign Affairs informs me that replies have now been received from all of the 12 Republics invited and that all are favorable with the possible exception of Venezuela whose Government requested certain information but failed to specify whether it would participate. He has asked the Venezuelan Minister here to telegraph his Government in order to clear up the matter. The Panamanian Minister for Foreign Affairs tells me also that thus far the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru have signified their intention of being present and that it appears from their replies that the Bolivian, Mexican, and Peruvian Foreign Ministers are planning to be here about September 19. Does the Department wish me to transmit information as it becomes available regarding the representatives to be designated by other governments and does it desire also the names of advisers, experts, et cetera, who will accompany them?