Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. H. Gerald Smith of the Division of Trade Agreements

Señor Campbell called at the Department to leave a copy of the definitive list of products12 in which the Government of Chile would be interested in securing concessions in a trade agreement with the United States. The list consisted of three parts (of which the first two are attached): a group of items on which tariff reductions were requested (some on a seasonal basis); another group on which the binding of the present tariff treatment was desired; and a third list of items on which most-favored-nation treatment was desired. It was explained to Mr. Campbell that it was not necessary to give any consideration to the third group of items as Chile would continue to receive most-favored-nation treatment on such products without their being specifically referred to in an agreement.

Señor Campbell was informed that consideration would be given as rapidly as possible to the list which he had presented. He indicated that the list had not yet been approved by his Government and that it would therefore be necessary to transmit it to Santiago as soon as we had expressed our opinion regarding the various items therein with respect to the possibility of including them in the public announcement of intention to negotiate a trade agreement with Chile. It was indicated that it was desired to issue that announcement during the period of the Panama Conference,13 preferably on September 25.

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