740.00111 A.R./66b: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Chiefs of Diplomatic Missions in the American Republics Except Brazil

For the Conference of the American Republics to be held in Panama, September 21, the Department has prepared the tentative agenda quoted hereafter.

You are requested immediately to present a copy of the suggested agenda to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country to which you are accredited. In presenting it, you should state that because [Page 21] of the emergency and in order to advance as rapidly as possible preparations for the Conference by each Government, this Government felt it might be helpful in making these suggestions for the consideration of the other Governments. You should also state that the basic consideration which this Government had in mind when it drew up the suggested agenda was the desirability of confining it strictly to questions arising out of the war in Europe. These questions, which may be summarized under the headings of (1) Neutrality, (2) Protection of the Peace of the Western Hemisphere, and (3) Measures to Safeguard the Economic and Financial Stability of the American Republics, are of an urgent character requiring very prompt attention and in some cases immediate action. In order that the Conference may achieve its purpose it is obvious that it must adhere closely to the problems presently confronting all the countries of this Hemisphere because of the war, so that you will discourage discreetly any suggestions for the addition of questions not directly pertinent to the purposes of this Conference.

In order that decision regarding the agenda may be reached as quickly as possible, it is suggested that the views of the Government to which you are accredited be communicated as rapidly as possible through you to the Department. It is suggested that the final views of all the governments be presented to the Governing Board of the Pan American Union for the approval of a final agenda at a special meeting to be held on September 12 at 3 o’clock. It is hoped that under the foregoing procedure the introduction of any subject not strictly germane can be avoided so that the meeting of the Board will in effect be limited to a ratification of the agenda previously discussed and agreed upon.

The proposed text follows:

[Here follows text of agenda quoted in telegram No. 168, September 4, 6 p.m., to the Ambassador in Brazil, printed on page 17.]