862.852/28a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Under Secretary of State (Welles), on Board the S. S. “Santa Elena”

51. From Duggan.18 The Chargé d’Affaires at Mexico City reports that the French Chargé states privately that he is going to communicate further with his Government before carrying out the instructions to inform the Mexican Government of the unalterable opposition of his Government to the transfer of German vessels to neutrals, because (1) he believes that opposition to the transfer to the Mexican flag of the two German tankers in Mexican ports would be taken amiss by the Mexican Government and (2) it may not be to the interest of the French and British to endeavor to prevent a transfer of the other German ships in Mexican ports to American interests. (The Chargé may have received new instructions from his Government after the desirability was pointed out to the French Ambassador here of very careful consideration of this matter before reaching a fixed decision.)

The Chargé d’Affaires at Mexico City also reports that the Chilean Embassy there has received instructions from the Chilean Government to seek full particulars regarding the capacity, tonnage, et cetera, of German tankers in Mexican harbors, and he suggests that some offer for the use or acquisition of these tankers may have been made by the German Government to the Chilean Government.

In response to our request, Trippe19 accompanied by Vice President Rihl called at the Department yesterday to discuss Panair’s situation in Colombia. They agreed to do everything possible to conclude the reorganization of Colombian air lines, Rihl to go to Bogotá arriving about October 15. They were told that it seemed preferable to dispense with Von Bauer’s services in the new organization and that the de-Germanizing of SCADTA should be continued. I believe Rihl [Page 74] will do his best to clarify the situation, but that he may be reluctant to dispense with Von Bauer’s services unless urged further. Braden20 is being fully posted by airmail.

Mr. Hurley21 has informed the Secretary that he has advised his clients to suspend separate negotiations with the Mexican Government at this time because of his belief that President Cardenas is now working on a proposal which Castillo Najera22 will bring back to Washington with him.

The following telegram has been received from the Ambassador at London:

(Here quote telegram no. 1936, October 5, 4 p.m. from London (2 sections).)23 [Duggan.]

  1. Laurence Duggan, Chief of the Division of the American Republics.
  2. Juan Terry Trippe, president of Pan American Airways.
  3. Spruille Braden, Ambassador in Colombia.
  4. Patrick J. Hurley, representative of five Mexican companies affiliated with the Sinclair Company.
  5. Francisco Castillo Najera, Mexican Ambassador.
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