724.34119/1307: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina ( Weddell ) to the Secretary of State

91. From Haden. Referring to my telegram No. 72, March 28, 5 p.m. Conference committees arrived on Monday. State of negotiations may be résuméed as follows:

Bolivia rejected line (paragraph 2 telegram referred to) proposed by delegates together with any idea of Paraguay touching Parapiti; will pay only to get Puerta Pacheco; wanted line of Linares, Ingavi, Puerto Pacheco which is obviously impossible. As a personal or unofficial suggestion Bolivian Minister for Foreign Affairs asked that the Conference propose Guachalla, 27 of November, Ingavi, Puerto Pacheco and an indemnity payable to Paraguay of 200,000 Sounds. His position is thus same as the American and Brazilian elevates except for eastern terminus. Mr. Braden telegraphs he is convinced that line can be put through in Bolivia. See comments paragraph 9 despatch No. 657 March 11.30
Paraguay rejected line (telegram No. 72) proposed and any idea of a port for Bolivia. However Argentine delegate reports the President of Paraguay said his delegation will present to the Conference a new formula for settlement; he added that should it not be accepted the time will then have come to agree on the arbitral compromise. Whether this intention is bona fide remains to be seen; so far Paraguay has wanted nothing to do with arbitration.

The Brazilian delegate informs me that Cabinet changes in Paraguay are impending, Zubizarreta being slated for Foreign Affairs, ex-President Ayala to replace him as chairman of delegation.

Conference meets Monday afternoon. [Haden.]

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