724.34119/1302: Telegram

The Minister in Bolivia (Caldwell) to the Secretary of State

17. [From Braden.] The following telegram has been sent to Buenos Aires: [Page 109]

For Haden. My April 13, 5 p.m. Please call to the attention of the Argentine Minister for Foreign Affairs ad interim that unofficial proposal by the Bolivian Minister for Foreign Affairs excepting for inclusion of Puerto Pacheco exactly coincides with the line I showed Alvarado on March 9th and he then agreed that the mediatory powers should bring every possible pressure to bear on Paraguay for its acceptance and should publicly denounce that country if it refused. I personally assured the Argentine Minister of Foreign Affairs ad interim that this proposal can be put through here; therefore I respectfully urge that colleagues in Asunción make a determined effort to obtain its acceptance arguing that it is the final and very best proposal which is expected from Bolivia.

La Noche a leading newspaper yesterday devoted entire front page and portion of succeeding pages to a violent denunciation of the Conference committee here and of the Conference itself as “Paraguay’s lawyers who flagrantly violate terms of protocol” and declares “it is impossible to negotiate a permanent peace with present positions.” The President of Bolivia and the Bolivian Minister for Foreign Affairs expressed their regrets to us for this outburst but this article and a public letter from the ex-belligerent legion declaring that they “will take up their arms again” exemplify increasing spirit of belligerency and revenge and emphasize urgency for an early settlement.

The following was not sent to Buenos Aires: I am not concerned by La Noche article but feel it should be helpful in several ways. Braden.