819.52G31/18: Telegram

The Chargé in Panama ( Flexer ) to the Secretary of State

52. Referring to Legation’s No. 35, May 19, 2 p.m. and subsequent correspondence relative to German interest in acquisition Pinas Bay properties.

Elliott Shipping and Land Company received the following two telegrams June 17 from Wallenberg at Stockholm:

“Genoese Farben Industrie supported by Deutsche bank prepared pay 35,000 for Puerto Pinas. Kindly telegraph if you have made binding offer American Government and for which time, otherwise suggest leave property for inspection German buyers.”

Second telegram: “Referring previous telegram today, order not create complications suggest allow American authorities reasonable time maximum 3 weeks take decision.”

The Commanding General of the Panama Canal Department has not contacted Elliott here and no negotiations have been begun in Panama or have yet been authorized by War Department.

Elliott will be in New York from June 22 to 27, address care of Mr. Harloe, United Fruit Company, Pier 3, North River.