724.34119/1227: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Weddell) to the Secretary of State

40. From Braden. My 34, February 21, 6 p.m. Conference this afternoon approved one resolution expressing its appreciation of collaboration of Argentine delegation and ex-Chairman and another resolution emphasizing ex-President Justo’s contributions to the Conference and concluding by conferring upon him the title of Honorary President. This latter resolution will be delivered in person to General Justo in Cordoba on Saturday by junior Peruvian delegate and myself and it has been indicated to me that it may open the way for his appointment and acceptance as Chairman of the Argentine delegation and therefore as Conference President.

Ortiz has spoken to ex-President regarding his assumption of Conference Chairmanship. The latter’s confidential secretary informs me Justo is disposed to accept but plans to insist upon negotiations being pursued by a committee to consist of himself, Brazilian delegate and me. The ex-President was further quoted as saying that because of the vital necessity for settling the Chaco problem he was not afraid to risk his prestige but that aforesaid committee must be able to count on the strong united pressure of these three Governments with which he was convinced the final peace treaty would be accomplished at an early date.

In view of our maneuvers to get Justo acceptance, plus the absence from the city over carnival of Foreign Minister ad interim and other delegates, I accepted assurances of all my colleagues that the intensive Conference labors demanded by me should commence March 7, either by Conference going into permanent session as a committee of the whole or as per Justo plans referred to in preceding paragraph. [Braden.]