724.34119/1223: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina ( Weddell ) to the Secretary of State

34. From Braden. This afternoon the Brazilian delegate and I had a talk with the Minister for Foreign Affairs ad interim along the same general lines described in my 29, February 18, 2 a.m.

He (1) evidenced hope Justo might accept Conference Chairmanship and that he would know definitely within week or ten days; (2) said it would be impossible for Cantilo to arrive here before April 12; [Page 91] (3) agreed to recommend that Ruiz Moreno be continued as Argentine delegate and raised to rank of Ambassador; (4) displayed sincere interest in Chaco problem and promised full collaboration; (5) accepted my proposal for a concentrated drive to settle frontier question and to this end in session scheduled February 24 to set up a committee of the whole so that intensive work as outlined my despatch No. 63712 may commence on March 3. [Braden.]

  1. February 15, not printed.