837.51 Public Works Debt/85: Telegram

The Ambassador in Cuba (Wright) to the Secretary of State

76. My despatch 981 and telegram No. 75.18 The Secretary of the Treasury called upon me yesterday afternoon at the request of the President. After confidentially alluding to the same unfortunate factors to which the President had referred he stated that under the law the present Public Works Debt Commission could not function until a Speaker of the House was chosen to act ex officio as President of the Commission in the absence of the President of the Senate.

He assures me that when that office shall have been filled the Commission will meet to consider the claims of Purdy [&] Henderson and Warren Brothers and will then hear representatives of both. He promises to accord every consideration to my suggestion that some means be found whereby letters may be exchanged with Warren Brothers but gives no assurance that such can be done. I informed Crafts and Brownson accordingly.

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I improved the opportunity to advance various suggestions as to utilization of balance of the recent issue of bonds and of the seigniorage in order to strengthen Cuba’s sagging credit but without much apparent success as both are stated to be pledged to new public works and of balancing the budget.

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