837.51 Public Works Debt/70: Telegram

The Ambassador in Cuba (Wright) to the Secretary of State

72. Crafts and Brownson appeared this morning before the three members of the Public Works Debt Commission now in Habana. Although professing no knowledge whatever of any of the agreements or arrangements made by Pujol, the Commission undertook to carry above matters through with the utmost dispatch, and Fraga, as chairman, stated that he had made arrangement to hold Congress until August 8 or 10 for the passage of necessary legislation. No date set for next hearing and Crafts will remain only as long as necessary.

Principal danger is that the Commission may purposely delay proceedings; second, that the Government may refuse to recognize necessity of immediate adjustment of this matter; third, that the Secretary of the Treasury,17 who appears offended at previously being ignored in this matter, may recommend postponement of the settlement.

  1. Manuel Giménez Lanier.