793.94119/443: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

791. My 770, August 15, 8 p.m. The Chinese Ambassador was informed at the Foreign Office this morning that the British Government agrees with the Government of the United States that the present moment is not a propitious one for inviting the attention of the Japanese and Chinese Governments to their standing offer of good offices. The Chinese Ambassador at the same time had his attention again called to the Prime Minister’s statement of July 26 and was informed that the British Ambassador at Tokyo will continue to sound the possibility of useful results from further suggestion of good offices to the Japanese Government; and that there is not at the moment any indication whatever that the Japanese attitude would be receptive.

The British Government has instructed Ambassador Craigie to approach the Japanese Foreign Minister regarding the most recent bombings at Canton, pointing out to him the serious effect this continued indiscriminate killing of civilians is having on the position of Japan in public opinion abroad. The Foreign Office states that numerous influential individuals, at the head of whom is the Archbishop of Canterbury, as well as British organizations, are exceedingly worked up about these last bombings and are bringing constant pressure to bear on the Government here.