867N.01/1215: Telegram

The Consul General at Jerusalem (Wadsworth) to the Secretary of State

Following is text of resolution referred to in my telegram of October 22, 2 p.m. [October 25, 6 p.m.]:89

“Resolved, that this conference of American Jewish citizens in Palestine assembled from urban and rural communities, and of American corporations, all having substantial interests in Palestine, respectfully submit to the American Consul at Jerusalem for transmission to the Government of the United States of America, the following representations:

Pursuant to and encouraged by the American-British Mandate Convention on December 3, 1924, which Convention, after reciting that the principal Allied Powers had agreed to entrust the mandate of Palestine to His Britannic Majesty, incorporating the terms of the said mandate, the American Jews contributed and invested sums estimated at over 80 million dollars; and furthermore, thousands of American Jewish citizens, on the strength of their faith in the terms of the said Convention of December 3, 1924, have established their domiciles and have invested all or large shares of their resources in Palestine.
Furthermore, these American Jewish citizens, resident in Palestine, were actuated in their course not only by virtue of their self-interest but to no less an extent by their desire to create conditions favorable to the absorption of large numbers of Jews into Palestine.
Apprehensive of reports as to contemplated changes or modifications in the mandatory status as assured by the terms of the aforesaid Convention of December 3, 1924, this Conference respectfully and dutifully prays that the Government of the United States of America exercise their good offices that nothing should be done to prejudice [Page 968] the rights as established by three [these?] terms of the mandate, as embodied in the said Convention of December 3, 1924, and that the present arbitrary restrictions on immigration be removed, so that the hope of the Jewish people may not be destroyed.”

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