867N.01/1204: Telegram

The Consul General at Jerusalem (Wadsworth) to the Secretary of State

At request of 300 delegates representative of American Jews in Palestine who met especially in Tel Aviv October 18, I am telegraphing tonight in clear, at their expense, full text of resolution voted.

President Simon of Palestine Economic Corporation, delegated to make request, emphasizes (1) American Jews came here relying on mandate and Anglo-American convention, (2) a controlling motive was to prepare way for further settlers, (3) they urge their Government use its influence keep door open.

I have given him full text Department’s October 14 statement carried in Radio Bulletin 241.

Arab circles, I should add, voice increasing apprehension at extent of the reported Jewish propaganda in the United States. Dr. Totah, Arab Director American Friends School, comments: “We Arabs wish we could be reassured that the American Government will not be unduly influenced by this extensive propaganda but rather live up to its traditional standard of impartial helpfulness in any position [Page 967] it may feel obligated to take with reference to the forthcoming British declaration of policy.” Dr. Canaan, leading Arab surgeon and Christian Arab Nationalist of long time pro-American sympathies adds: “I am seriously distressed at the magnitude of the current wave of intense bitterness now sweeping local Arabs of all classes. We have always looked to America to view our problem with impartiality. We have become increasingly convinced that British policy has been fundamentally influenced of late years by Jewish pressure in London. Now to see America, even its President and its Christian churches, apparently similarly influenced, we are shocked and disillusioned.”