362.1113/39: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

209. Referring to Department’s 49, April 27, 7 p.m., I impressed upon the Minister for Foreign Affairs in an interview today our demands respecting American citizens in Vienna and the molestation to which they have been subjected. I informed him that it gave me satisfaction to learn from General Goering that stringent orders had been issued that foreigners were not to be molested. I then cited the assurance of Hitler to which your telegram refers and stated that I would keep him in touch with events and evidence in subsequent incidents if unhappily the stringent orders did not prove a final solution.

In respect to punishment of the guilty parties I did not raise this specifically at this interview inasmuch as the evidence before us does not show sufficient proof of identity. I thought it better to await a case, if a case arose, in which there was no question of identity or of the seriousness of the facts.

Cipher text to Vienna.