362.1113/38: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

208. In the course of a conversation with General Goering95 I took up with him strongly the matter of treatment of Americans in Vienna. I said that local forces seemed to be out of hand according to Wiley’s reports. Goering replied that he was conversant with the matter; that he felt that no molestation of Americans as such had been intended, but that the situation was effervescent and hatred of Jews [Page 513]running strong. He added that a number of Jews with no right thereto had been wearing American flags. He closed by saying that he had already and on his own initiative issued stringent orders to Buerckel that order was to be maintained and foreigners were not to be molested.

Cipher text to Vienna.

  1. Hermann Göring, Reich Minister for Aviation, and President of the Reichstag.