760F.62/1697a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany (Wilson)

181. From the Under Secretary. The President is interested in obtaining accurate and detailed information with regard to every phase of the recent crisis. For that purpose please telegraph as fully as may be possible replies to the following questions:

At what time was the President’s second appeal read by Hitler on September 28?
At what time or times did Hitler receive the appeals for peace from the other nations of the world which took action in accordance with the President’s request?
What are the real facts as you have obtained them with regard to Mussolini’s intervention? The President is informed that Mussolini never telephoned directly to Hitler, and that the Italian move for peace originated with the Italian Ambassador in Berlin and was made through the Ambassador after the latter had communicated with Mussolini. At what time on September 28 was the Italian approach made to Hitler?

Any other pertinent information bearing upon the details of the events which took place leading up to the holding of the conference would likewise be helpful. [Welles.]