760F.62/1663: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

550. Henderson tells me that he believes the work of the Ambassadors’ committee regarding Czechoslovakia is over for a long time. He said that about a week ago there were indications that Ribbentrop was urging Hitler to demand the cession of further zones beyond the present line. Henderson told Ribbentrop and Weizsaecker that if such demands were made he would sever connection with the committee and ask instructions from his Government. He also urged his Government to instruct British Minister at Praha to urge Czech new Foreign Minister to visit Germany as an indication that the policy of his Government would not be directed against this country.

He says that Weizsaecker has been most helpful as indeed has Attolico the Italian Ambassador. Their principal danger was always Weizsaecker but he hopes now that the matter is liquidated.