760F.62/1724: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

558. Personal for the Under Secretary: Your 181, October 18, noon. In an informal talk with Weizsaecker:

1. He is not aware himself when the President’s second appeal was read by Hitler but he thinks he may be able to find out and let me know.

2. Weizsaecker feels that the confusion of those days was such that it would be impossible to ascertain the answer to this question. No one person was constantly in the Fuehrer’s company nor did all papers go through any one person’s hands.

Can you give me a list of those countries which took action in accordance with the President’s request? I may be able to learn something about this from other sources.

3. I reminded Weizsaecker that he had told me that Mussolini had telephoned Hitler direct. Weizsaecker replied that either he had made a mistake or I had misunderstood him. Mussolini had not telephoned direct to Hitler so far as Weizsaecker knows but he had telephoned direct to the Italian Ambassador here two or three times in the course of the 27th and 28th of September.

Italian Ambassador is ill today but I am seeing him tomorrow and will supplement this information.

Ask Moffat to show you a confidential letter from me dated October 3.23

  1. Not found in Department files.