033.4111 Runciman, Walter/10: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom (Atherton) to the Secretary of State

53. Mr. Runciman paid a visit to the Prime Minister yesterday for the first time since his return from the United States and in the House of Commons today made, in the course of expressing “my gratitude to the President of the United States and to the members of the United States Government for the friendly reception they gave to me”, the following remarks of particular interest: “It was at no time intended that I should conduct negotiations with the United States Government on any subject. As regards trade matters I had several useful conversations from which it appeared that further explorations will be necessary before it can be determined whether there is a firm basis upon which details and negotiations can take place for a reciprocal trade agreement”. He avoided answering a question as to whether there had been debt discussions.

I met Runciman this morning who suggested an early luncheon date to discuss his American visit. I mention this should the Department wish to cable me any background information.