811.114 Miserinko/71

The British Ambassador (Lindsay) to the Secretary of State

No. 226

Sir: With reference to my note No. 208 of the 9th July,11 I have the honour to inform you that His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom have taken note of the fact that the master and crew of the British Motor Vessel Miserinko were sentenced on the 5th May last, in the United States Court at Concord, New Hampshire, to the following terms of imprisonment:

George L. Lohnes, Master 10 months
Herbert Knickle, Mate 9 months
Titus Mossman, Cook 90 days
Bronson Cluett, Sailor 90 days.

As regards Harold Westhaver, Engineer, it appears that the case was continued for sentence and that the defendant was held in $500 cash bail as a material witness against certain principals.

The master and all the above-mentioned members of the crew of the vessel are from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, and are British subjects and Canadian nationals. In view of the circumstances attending the seizure of the Miserinko, outlined in my note No. 194 of the 27th June, I have the honour, under instructions from His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom, to request that the master and these members of the crew be unconditionally released forthwith, or failing this that they be released on bail.
I have been instructed in making this request to reserve the right to put in a claim for compensation on behalf of these individuals at a later date.

I have [etc.]

R. C. Lindsay
  1. Not printed; see first paragraph of memorandum by Mr. William R. Vallance, July 20, infra.