611.6731/191: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Turkey (MacMurray)

1. Your 5, November 6, 4 p.m. The Department assumes that reference is intended to a trade agreement to be negotiated under the Act of June 12, 1934.1

If the Turkish Government presents a formal proposal, you should receive it and state that you will bring it to the Department’s attention where it will be given most careful and sympathetic consideration with a view to determining what opportunity exists for the negotiation of a useful agreement under the principles established in the trade agreements program.

You should, however, seek to avoid giving the impression that we will be prepared to open negotiations at any early date. The possibility [Page 942] of concluding a useful trade agreement depends upon the nature of the trade between the two countries and upon the possibilities of reconciling such conflicts as may exist between their commercial policies. For your confidential information, the Department is studying American trade with Turkey and the commercial policy of the Turkish Government with a view to determining the possibilities of a useful trade agreement but the bilateralistic policies of Turkish trade control and other reasons indicate doubt as to the desirability of initiating negotiations at this time, particularly as there do not appear to be any vital problems pressing for settlement at this time in our commercial relations with Turkey.

  1. 48 Stat. 943.