867N.00/473a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Bingham )

256. Upon the forthcoming publication of the report of the Royal Commission of Inquiry the Department foresees the necessity of [Page 887] considering a number of questions that may arise as a result of that report and the policy of the British Government with respect thereto.

In the circumstances the Department wishes to be kept advised fully and promptly by telegraph of all important developments including such information as may be discreetly obtainable revealing the views and intentions of competent government, parliamentary, and other circles in Great Britain on this subject.

It would be helpful in this connection to have your views as to the attitude likely to be taken by Parliament and by important Jewish leaders in Great Britain in the event some radical solution of the Palestine problem, such as partition, is recommended by the Commission and supported by the Government, and as to the possible attitude of the Government in case of strong opposition to the proposed solution.