867N.00/450a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Bingham)

155. Personal for the Ambassador. Important Jewish groups in this country are perturbed over rumors that in the forthcoming report to be made by the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Palestine situation it will be recommended either that Jewish immigration into Palestine entirely cease or else that some system of Arab and Jewish cantons be established.

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I wish you to see the Minister for Foreign Affairs and to inform him orally and informally in the sense of the above, acquainting him at the same time with the hope of the above Jewish groups that no decisions with regard to the Palestine problem will be taken that may result in working greater hardship upon the Jews who are already suffering under repressive measures in various countries of Europe and are finding it necessary as a result of such measures to seek refuge in other countries.

You might mention that in the opinion of large sections of the Jews of this country the Jews of the world as a whole, by reason of their experience at the hands of certain European governments, have come to be the logical supporters of democratic institutions and naturally look to the democratic governments of the world to accord them fair and equitable treatment.

You may state to the Foreign Minister in conclusion that your Government presumes he would wish to be acquainted with the above views. You will at the same time carefully avoid leaving the impression that your Government is in any way endeavoring to inject itself into administrative matters relating to the Mandate or questions the authority or responsibility of Great Britain for the administration of Palestine.