882.635 Neep/8: Telegram

The Minister in Liberia ( Walton ) to the Secretary of State

49. Dr. R. G. Fuszek, Health Director for Liberia, returned on the Wadai October 22nd after a 6 months leave of absence. October 24 at 9:45 a.m., Dr. Fuszek called on me at the Legation, when told by Steward that the Minister was taking his bath the visitor sent his card saying he would wait on the veranda.

After bringing me greetings from Dr. Hermanns, former German Consul General at Monrovia, now in Berlin, and informing me of his efforts while at home in Budapest to counteract unfriendly propaganda against Liberia, Dr. Fuszek brought up Neep concession. Remarked that he hoped Legislature would ratify Agreement but questioned financial ability of promoters to make undertaking a mammoth and successful one. He enthusiastically advocated the inclusion of German capital. Krupp, Garland said, could furnish the necessary machinery and materials for harbor basin, rails and cars and insure the exploitation of Liberia’s rich mineral resources not only in the Bong Mountains but elsewhere in the Republic.

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Dr. Fuszek pessimistically observed that Dutch and English capitalists were promoting Neep. He predicted that if the English investment was large Neep’s operations around Cape Mount so near to Sierra Leone would eventually result in England taking possession of Liberia. Germany had no such designs he assured me.

I replied it was the first time I had heard that English capitalists were stockholders and that my Government’s only interest in the matter was to see that Liberia developed its natural resources and reaped deserved remuneration.

Further reference by Dr. Fuszek to the desirability of German capital failed to elicit one word of comment from me. Casually stated he understood there was some little opposition to German participation. Dr. Fuszek left the Legation at noon. Obviously he was not paying altogether a social call. On the few previous occasions he has visited me he remained less than 10 minutes.

Shortly before going on leave his American made car was demolished in an accident. He informed me he had been induced in Germany to buy a specially built Mercedes now being shipped.