891.6363 Amiranian/3: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Iran ( Merriam )

50. Your 62, December 16, noon. Hart telegraphed on December 20 that he was ready to sign but that Iranian law required him and Clapp to produce power of attorney. Hart added that Iranian Government, however, asked only that Legation state he and Clapp were authorized to sign.

In this connection Lovejoy, President of Seaboard Oil Company, has advised Department that Seaboard Oil Company, Case, Pomeroy and Company, and Ogden Mills are prepared to form Amiranian Oil Company and Amiranian Pipeline Company upon advice from Hart to do so. In that case Lovejoy states boards of new corporations would by proper resolutions authorize Hart and Clapp to sign concession agreements for them. Lovejoy adds that such resolutions will be forwarded to the Department as soon as companies have been formed.

In case Iranian authorities make inquiry on this matter you may, provided you perceive no objection, furnish informally the information contained in foregoing paragraph. You will of course avoid taking any part in the negotiations in which Hart is engaged.