365D.1163/51: Telegram

The Minister Resident in Ethiopia (Engert) to the Secretary of State

48. Duncan Henry of the American Presbyterian Mission in Addis Ababa was brutally assaulted this morning by an Italian carabiniere who dragged him out of his car in front of a shop and struck him several times with his rifle on the head, shoulder, and arm, causing a scalp wound which bled profusely and severe bruises on his body. He [Page 681] also slapped his face and hit his throat. He then handcuffed him and when an Englishman who was with Henry tried to explain the situation he too was handcuffed and shackled to Henry.

It so happened that at that precise moment I was passing in my car and of course stopped to inquire what the trouble was. The two carabinieri chiefly responsible for the outrage were very incoherent and claimed Henry had “refused to move on.” This Henry denied categorically and proved it by the fact that he was being assaulted while his servant was cranking his car. We all went to the nearest police station where I complained to the officer in charge of the ill treatment this American had suffered. He said there must have been a misunderstanding and ordered both Henry and the Englishman released at once. I then took Henry in my car to the Legation and after some first aid I accompanied him to his Mission.

I later made a verbal protest to the Acting Chief of Cabinet and the chief of the carabinieri which I shall follow up tomorrow with a written one.