783.003/154: Telegram

The Minister in Egypt (Fish) to the Secretary of State

12. Department’s 8, January 29, 6 p.m. It is improbable that the Egyptian Government expects to conclude a treaty to go into effect immediately upon signature at Montreux but they hope that ratifications will be exchanged within a few months and have in mind October 15 as the latest date for the abolition of the capitulations.

The Egyptian Government appears to envisage the abolition of financial and judicial capitulations at the same time.

I do not believe that the procedure followed in the case of the Straits Convention has been discussed by the British and Egyptians as a precedent. I understand that Beckett has in view the signature at Montreux, in addition to and aside from the general convention, of an instrument regulating the Mixed Courts regime. This instrument would contain provisions bringing it into effect on October 15th even if the general convention shall not have been ratified by a majority of the powers at that time. Beckett has returned to London and the method by which this is hoped to be accomplished has not been made clear to me.