711.652/125: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Phillips) to the Secretary of State

488. My telegram No. 485, November 23, 5 p.m. The Foreign Office has now informed the Embassy in writing that with the exception of Austria all preferences which have hitherto been extended by Italy, namely, those granted to Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary and Yugoslavia have been abrogated as of December 31, 1937. As regards [Page 467] Austria, the Embassy has been furnished a list of the preferential duties which will remain in force after January 1, 1938, together with a list of supplementary preferences which may be granted after July 1, 1938, all of which are, however, restricted to definite quotas. Translations of these lists which include 138 separate items are now being prepared. Does the Department wish me to telegraph them?37

Giannini’s letter continues as follows:

“I believe that with the foregoing information, the American Government will have at its disposal all the necessary data upon which to reach a positive decision regarding the conclusion of the treaty.

Meanwhile, I beg you kindly to inform the Department of State that on Italy’s part it is considered desirable to hasten the conclusion of this treaty before the old treaty expires, there now being no reason for the temporary arrangement”.

The temporary arrangement referred to is that discussed with Suvich by Sayre.

  1. Lists were transmitted to the Department in telegram No. 492 of November 29 (711.652/129).