611.6831/186: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Greece ( MacVeagh )

48. Your mail despatch No. 1982, November 29.15 If Foreign Office has not yet communicated any observations to you with respect to the aide-Mémoire of November 29, and with particular reference to the statistical analysis handed to Metaxas at that time and to Argyropoulos’ statement of October 2 promising practical methods of assuring fair treatment to American goods, please impress upon appropriate officials the need for some convincing evidence that serious consideration is being given to this Government’s views. In this connection you may state that the Department is somewhat puzzled by the fact that the Greek Legation here appears to be of the opinion, based on quite recent instructions, that its Government is still prepared to negotiate in accordance with the statement made in the final two paragraphs of the Greek note of September 16 and the fact that the discussions in Athens fail to materialize into anything definite.

Please keep the Department informed by telegraph.

  1. Not printed.