611.6831/181: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Greece (Shantz)

38. Your mail despatch No. 1876, September 20. It is desired that the Minister, as soon as possible after his return, convey either to Mr. Metaxas or an appropriate official of the Foreign Office an oral expression of this Government’s pleasure in learning of the readiness of the Greek Government to undertake the early negotiation of an agreement which would replace the exchange of notes of December 9, 1924 and of that Government’s desire to see that the system of trade control in force in Greece should not operate in a discriminatory maimer with respect to American interests.

The Minister should explain, however, that as his note of July 19 presented a definite proposal by the Government of the United States in the form of a draft modus vivendi the Department was surprised by the absence from the Greek reply of any observations with respect to that concrete proposal, that under the circumstances the Department is somewhat at a loss as to how to proceed and that it is therefore hoped that the Greek Government’s observations on the draft modus vivendi will be communicated, either orally or in writing, at a very early date.

The Minister may add, if he thinks it expedient, that he is certain, should the Greek Government have proposals of its own to suggest, that his Government would be prepared to give them sympathetic consideration, within the limits of the commercial policy outlined in the note of July 19, if submitted in precise terms.

Keep Department informed briefly by telegraph.