862.002 Hitler, Adolf/108: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany (Dodd) to the Secretary of State

46. With further reference to your No. 15, dated March 10, 2 p.m., the following translated press communiqué, the tone of which does not seem to be particularly contrite, was issued today for publication abroad only:

“The American Ambassador Dodd yesterday brought to the attention of the Foreign Office the comment of certain German newspapers on the notorious speech of the New York Mayor, La Guardia. As one assumes in political circles here, the reply was made to the American diplomat that the slander expressed by La Guardia was bound to call forth understandable general indignation in Germany. If indeed the language of certain German newspapers went perhaps a little too far, this is simply attributable to that excitement. An insult to the American nation was not intended. Moreover, one probably does not err in assuming that the attention of the American diplomat was directed to the continued spiteful attitude of a large part of the American press (not mentioned in fact) contrary to truth vis-à-vis German problems.”

It is understood from the Foreign Office that there is to be no mention made of my conversation with Neurath in the German press and that this Government now considers the matter closed.

Rumors have reached me that certain American press has quoted me as giving a statement of Neurath’s reply to me yesterday. These are false as I have consistently refused to comment on his attitude and I have given to the press only the substance, not to be quoted, of my oral remarks to him.