611.4131/292: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Bingham) to the Secretary of State

305. In discussing the work of the Imperial Conference today a high British official referred to the latest American reply in the matter of the Anglo-American trade agreement and expressed disappointment that there was so little modification in the American position since the last note. Speaking personally he said that he could understand this since as yet the Department of State had no detailed idea as to what the position of the Dominions might be and in this connection Ambassador Lindsay had telegraphed an urgent recommendation that it was important to put before Secretary Hull at the earliest possible moment exactly what action the British Cabinet was taking with regard to the American reply more especially vis-à-vis the Dominions and also exactly what the reaction of the Dominion representatives in London might be. Therefore the Board of Trade hoped to bring the American note before the British Cabinet on Wednesday [Page 34] and would seek permission to discuss this document with the various Dominion authorities on Thursday or Friday. As soon as possible thereafter Ambassador Lindsay would be informed of the trend of the discussions.

Incidentally the latest name to be favored for the presidency of the Board of Trade in Chamberlain’s Cabinet is that of Oliver Stanley present Minister of Education.48

  1. Oliver Stanley became President of the British Board of Trade on May 28, 1937.