811.114 St. Pierre-Miquelon/487

The Secretary of State to the Vice Consul at St. Pierre-Miquelon (Gunsaulus)

Sir: There is enclosed for your information a copy of a despatch43 from the American Embassy at Paris, France, together with a translation44 of the decree of January 21, 1937, rejecting the resolution of the Council of Administration prohibiting the importation of foreign alcohols into the islands of St. Pierre-Miquelon.

In this connection there is also enclosed for your information a copy of a previous telegram from the Embassy45 reporting that the French Government had decided to leave the decree of April 9, 1935, in effect. In our telegraphic acknowledgement of February 25, 8 p.m., the Ambassador was informed that the Treasury Department [Page 311] was satisfied with the proposal to leave the present decree in effect as it was believed that any modification, even though surrounded with apparently satisfactory safeguards, would be interpreted by smugglers to indicate a change in the restrictive policy which has been in force since the decree became effective and might lead to increased illegal activities.

Furthermore, the present decree is in line with similar bonding regulations operative in other places adjacent to the coasts of the United States, such as Canada, Newfoundland, the British West Indies and Mexico.

There is also enclosed a copy of Executive Agreement Series No. 99 which is a recent agreement between the United States and France for the suppression of customs frauds.46 It is believed that this agreement will prove helpful in your relations with the authorities at St. Pierre-Miquelon in connection with the exchange of information relating to smuggling.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
R. Walton Moore
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