811.114 St. Pierre-Miquelon/464: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Bullitt ) to the Secretary of State

235. Supplementing my 234, February 17, 11 p.m. I finally elicited the information requested from the Minister of Colonies that Delbos after my conversation with him last night had flatly forbidden the issuance of the new decree until our Government should be satisfied.

I attribute to this intervention by Delbos the concessions offered this evening by the Minister of Colonies:

that no alcool de traite would be exported to Saint Pierre-Miquelon,
that a quota for alcoholic beverages would be established if necessary,
that if the new regime should not prove to be satisfactory the present regime would be reintroduced.

… I doubt that our Consul at St. Pierre-Miquelon ever favored the plan of control now proposed. It would be most valuable to me to have any expressions of opinion which Gunsaulus may have sent to the Department with regard to this proposal.

I venture to renew my recommendation that both you and the President should speak about this matter emphatically to Bonnet. I can see no reason why it is not possible both to forbid the importation of alcohol into St. Pierre-Miquelon from all countries other than France and to continue at the same time the system of exportation in bond.

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It was obvious throughout the conversation outlined above that the Minister of Colonies knew nothing whatsoever about the question but was acting solely on the advice of Merat.…

As I shall see Delbos and Blum tomorrow I should appreciate immediate instructions.