611.5131/1756: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France ( Bullitt )

484. Your 1274, September 11, 11 a.m. By terms of the notes themselves the French Government agreed to bring the arrangement into effect by publication of the exchange of notes in the Journal Officiel. From a legal viewpoint therefore it would appear essential that such publication take place. In addition, however, the Department cannot think of any valid reason for the desire of the Ministry of Agriculture to avoid publication. With the exception of the license tax reduction, the notes merely implement the Trade Agreement in accordance with the undertakings of the French Government in that Agreement, and basis for the license tax reductions may be found in the continued devaluation of the French franc. There would appear to be no reason why the French Government should not be willing to generalize the undertaking to issue the licenses during the first 10 days of each quarter where the total amount of the quota is fixed as in this case, unless the Ministry of Agriculture desires to obstruct importations by delaying the issuance of licenses.

Unless you perceive reasons to the contrary, therefore, the Department suggests that you reply to Bousquet to the above effect and inform him that we will expect the French Government to carry out in good faith its undertakings in this matter.13

  1. On September 14 the American Embassy obtained the promise of the French Government that the text of notes would be published in Journal Ofliciel. This was done on September 17.