611.60F31/526a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Czechoslovakia ( Carr )

48. The first session of the trade agreement negotiations was held yesterday. We presented to the Czech delegation a list of our requests and a list of the Czech commodities on which we are prepared to grant concessions. The actual concessions were included in the list handed to the Czechs. It was explained to the Czech delegation that the offers which we are now making must in all circumstances be kept strictly confidential, and that under no circumstances should information with regard to these proposals be allowed to leak so as to reach the hands of outside private parties. It was pointed out that if for instance our proposals in connection with shoes and certain other items should become public at this stage the whole agreement would be placed in jeopardy. I am sure that the Czech delegation will make every effort to abide by our wishes in this matter. However, I think it might be helpful for you to call on the Minister for Foreign Affairs and explain to him that you had been requested to call and emphasize the importance of keeping our offers strictly confidential.