Memorandum by Mr. David Williamson of the Division of European Affairs

Mr. Kabeláč, Secretary of the Czechoslovakian Legation, left the attached list of the commodities which the Czechoslovakian Government wishes to discuss during the trade agreement negotiations.16

He made the interesting remark that the Czechoslovakian Government appreciated our difficulties in reducing the tariff on shoes and that his Government would be willing to have the present duty bound on Mackay and cemented shoes. On rubber-soled footwear with fabric uppers (1530 (e) of the tariff), the Czechoslovakian Government requests “foreign valuation” instead of “American valuation”, and if possible a reduction in duty.

I handed Mr. Kabeláč a list of items on which the United States will request concessions from Czechoslovakia.17 In accordance with the instructions of the Trade Agreements Committee, Mr. Kabeláč was informed that we expect the general provisions to contain suitable safeguards with reference to the treatment of American products (not on the list of desiderata) which are not now subject to import permit requirements.

  1. List not printed.
  2. List not attached to file copy.