The Secretary of State to the Minister in Canada ( Armour )

No. 1016

Sir: I refer to your despatch no. 1104 of January 5, 1937 and to other correspondence regarding the proposed St. Lawrence Waterway project.

You are requested at your earliest convenience to seek an interview with the Prime Minister and request of him an indication of the steps which he is now prepared to take looking towards the furtherance of this project.

In your conversation with Mr. King, you may refer to the talks which he had with the President on the subject almost a year ago and emphasize the fact that although this Government was eager to negotiate a new treaty on the basis of the draft shown informally to the Canadian authorities last winter, it did not, in deference to Mr. King’s wishes, press the matter pending the outcome of the provincial election in Ontario. The election was held on October 6, 1937, and I believe that having for many months deferred to Mr. King’s expressed wish, this Government is now entitled to look forward to [Page 173] his active cooperation in pushing the matter to that definite conclusion which promises such material benefits to the people of both countries.

Very truly yours,

Cordell Hull