561.35E1A/15: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Bingham )

272. Your 414, June 29, 5 p.m. Tell Council Secretary that latest draft of sugar marketing legislation reported out of Agricultural Committee of House of Representatives,5 to replace legislation which expires December 31, 1937, provides for full-duty quota from foreign countries of 89 percent of 44.41 percent of requirements of consumers in Continental United States; for allocation of quota among full-duty countries on basis of division made in Regulations mentioned in Article 9 (a) of sugar agreement; for proration among them of any unused part of the Philippine full-duty quota which quota on basis of present estimated consumption would be about 60,000 tons; for proration among them on September 1 of each year of any unused parts of their previous allocation. The bill is not sponsored by executive branch and is not assured of enactment.

It is premature to consider contingent application of Article 9 (c) under conditions that have not yet arisen.

Peruvian officials have been told only that it is hoped that legislation will be enacted under which their participation in United States market may be materially larger than it has been.

  1. H. R. 7667, Congressional Record, Vol. 81, pt. 6, p. 6781. The Sugar Act of 1937 was approved September 1; 50 Stat. 903.